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Comprehensive Services

DM Truck & Trailer Services, Inc. offers comprehensive mechanical services to trucks, trailers, reefers and commercial fleets. Based in East Earl, Pennsylvania, we provide vital vehicle maintenance to light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

Comprehensive services

Diagnostic Technology

DM Truck & Trailer Services, Inc. maintains OE diagnostic software required to assess performance issues in a variety of commercial vehicles. Keep your CAT, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and Volvo vehicle running smoothly, with a cost-effectively solution. We'll help diagnose potential problems using sophisticated computerized tools that are brand specific such as:

Some of the brands that benefit from our diagnostic services include:

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We are certified in:

Caterpillar CAT ET SIS
Cummins - Insite
Destroit Diesel - Diagnostic Link
International - Max Force and Diamond Logic Builder
Noregon Heavy-Duty ABS Diagnostic
Snap On - Automotive Scanner

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Mechanical Services

We maintain a heavy duty truck facility in East Earl, Pennsylvania offering comprehensive diagnostic and mechanical repair services. Our skilled mechanics will help keep your trucks, trailers, reefers and coaches in great operating condition.

Schedule an appointment at our location at 5003 Division Hwy, East Earl, PA 17519 for general truck and trailer maintenance and servicing by calling 717-355-0313.

Whether you maintain a fleet in Pennsylvania, or you work extensively in this region, we'll help maintain your vehicles. A partial list of the mechanical services we provide includes:

  • Pennsylvania State and Federal Inspections
  • We Service Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Engine Tune-up and Maintenance
  • We Custom crimp AC Hoses and specialize in all AC repairs
  • We are an Approved Webasto Sub Dealer
  • We perform Major Engine Work
  • We provide RV and Big Rig Repairs

Refrigerated Trailer Services

We specialize in servicing both Carrier and Thermo King units. Our knowledgeable team can diagnose, service and repair both brands of reefers. We'll help ensure that your transport refrigeration unit functions efficienty and maintains temp, to reduce costly fines or delays.

Call DM Truck & Trailer Services, Inc. at 717-355-0313 if you require any mechanical assistance.

Inventory parts

Truck & Trailer Inventory of Parts

Having a reliable source for parts is critical to the success and safety of all truck and trailers. At DM Truck & Trailer Services, Inc. we work hard to have the parts you need when you need them. For light, medium and heavy duty vehicles we offer a large inventory of parts from batteries, belts to compressors, tires, oils and so much more. You can trust we'll have the part you need to get you back on the road fast!

Call DM Truck & Trailer Services, Inc. at 717-355-0313 to inquiry about inventory of parts.

We Work on Class A Motor Homes

We service Big Rigs and Class A Motor Homes. Our experienced team can make sure your vehicle receives the best of care and service when you choose to work with DM Truck & Trailer Services. You can trust us to take good care of your vehicle.

Call DM Truck & Trailer Services, Inc. at 717-355-0313 if you require any mechanical assistance.

Coach busses

Premium Heavy Duty Engine Oils

For your convenience, DM Truck & Trailer Services, Inc. offers these 3 major oils in bulk.

Chevron Delco
Chevron Delo
Mobile Delvac
Shell Rotella
Shell Rotella